Pan Borneo Highway Sarawak Phase 1:
Telok Melano - Sematan

KM0 of Pan Borneo Highway is located at Telok Melano situated at Sarawak’s south-western most tip.

Pan Borneo Highway Sarawak’s stretch from Telok Melano to Sematan is a 2-lane single carriageway of 33 km in length, traversing hilly areas and flat land, with much of it running through the Samunsam wildlife sanctuary.

Completed ahead of time in January 2019 and below projected cost, this stretch of the Pan Borneo Highway has opened up a whole new area of Sarawak to greater economic development.

Previously only accessible by boat on the open sea for several months of the year, Telok Melano’s sandy beaches that neighbour Tanjung Datu National Park today welcome visitors all year round, connecting more Sarawakians to growth.

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