In line with the Vision of Maltimur Resources Sdn. Bhd. (“Maltimur”) to be the project delivery leader in infrastructure development, we are fully committed to protect the health and safety of our employees and stakeholders and achieve a sustainable environmental management in our businesses.

Maltimur, through our best practices in project management, is committed to:

• Enhance project delivery performance through establishing, implementing and maintaining an excellent Health, Safety, Environment and Traffic (“HSET”) Management system.

• Comply with all applicable HSET statutory, legal and regulatory requirements including all local ordinances.

• Implement appropriate actions to prevent accidents, occupational illnesses and environmental degradation.

• Promote active engagement of employees, contractors, consultants and other relevant stakeholders towards delivery of the best performance in HSET.

• Employ competent and committed employees and provide continual training to embrace best work practices.

• Continually improve our HSET management and performance in line with changes of our business model / operations.

This Policy shall be communicated to and understood by all employees and affected parties. Top management shall review the Policy at defined intervals to ensure its effectiveness and suitability.

Ir. Haji Safuani Abdul Hamid
Project Director